Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist

About Tanya

Prenatal massage expert in TorontoTanya has been practicing massage therapy in Toronto, since graduating from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 1997.  She has extensive experience in treatment-focused massage therapy, and specialty training and experience in prenatal and postpartum massage,  infant massage,  labour support and palliative care. Tanya was an examiner for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario  for 2 years, and then began teaching at Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 2001, where she taught various courses including pregnancy massage and supervised the high-risk pregnancy specialty clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital.  Tanya works through a trauma-informed lense with a strong focus on creating a safe environment for treatment and learning.

What Tanya has to say about her practice:

I’ve always had a diverse client base, treating people of all ages and of various activity levels and states of health.  Even after this many years in practice, I’m amazed at  the body’s ability to heal and I always enjoy the opportunity to educate clients about their body structure and function and advise them on self-care.  Pregnancy and birth have always been especially fascinating to me and I’ve taken extra courses to specialize in this area of treatment. In 2000, I trained to be a birth doula (a non-clinical supportive role, assisting women and their partners in the birthing process).  I’ve been attending births ever since and thoroughly enjoy this specialty aspect of my work.  I have two children of my own and have taken some time off from being on-call and attending births, but enjoy working with women and their partners through my course (Better Birthing:  Labour Support Consultation) where I teach expectant parents about the birthing process, their body’s natural mechanisms for birthing, and how their partner can best support them.  I also enjoy teaching infant massage to parents and caregivers.  It is my goal to provide families with good information to help them have better experiences.

To further assist you in your health and wellness beyond her own scope of practice, Tanya is pleased to be able to recommend some truly wonderful professionals 

Contact Tanya

You may book massage therapy appointments on-line if you’re registered as an existing patient (my practice is currently closed to new patients for in-person treatment). High Park/Junction Toronto (address will display on booking confirmations).

For on-line Better Birthing consultations and Infant Massage appointments you can contact me directly via text or email OR add yourself to my on-line booking wait list to show interest and I will enable on-line booking for you.

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Call/text 416-420-5457/ tanya.meyers@rogers.com

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