Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist, Birth Coach & Doula

Referral Links

As a health care practitioner dedicated to you achieving optimal health, Tanya often refers to other reputable practitioners to complement your treatment with her.  Here is a list of those referrals:

RMT’s in The Junction:

The Calm on Dundas is a full service clinic with a group of  skilled and reputable RMT’s just down the street from my private practice in The Junction. (647) 932-2561.

Erin McCutcheon, RMT is a skilled and experienced RMT in The Junction who treats a variety of conditions. Text/Call (416) 889-9843 or email erinmccutcheon@gmail.com

Mike Fuhr, RMT, DOMP, CST-T BA (Hons) is an experienced Massage Therapist and Osteopath practicing at High Park and Bloor.  (416) 239-8616 and he has on-line booking available on his website (click his name for link).

Sports Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation, Postural Assessment/Correction:

Andrew Clapperton, RMT  / The Loft Pilates – Junction / Toronto / 416-763-0007  Andrew is extremely skilled and experienced (and teaches in the Humber College RMT program) and is  the RMT I recommend if you’re seeking assessment and/or treatment for a specific injury or musculoskeletal condition.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage:

For anyone who is pregnant or post-partum (and that can mean you gave birth many years ago – you’re always post-partum) West End Mamas is the clear choice for specialists in the field.  You’ll be in great hands with any of the RMT’s there.

Pilates: (specializing in postural realignment)

Riikka Wilson Movement/ The Junction, Toronto / movement coach specializing in pelvic health, core stability and postrual rehabilitation. Small classes and private sessions.

Restorative Yoga and Yoga For Round Bodies classes (also retreats and private yoga instruction):

Tiina Veer / The Annex, Toronto / 416-471-1334

Yoga in The Junction:

Breathe Yoga Studio


Stacey Hauserman, RMT DOMP / Octopus Garden Yoga Centre Toronto / 416-515-8885

Mike Fuhr/ High Park and Bloor/ 416-239-8616


Adelaide West Physiotherapy  / downtown Toronto / 416-597-8345

Synergy Physiotherapy/ Junction Triangle/416-703-3525

Pelvic Floor Physio: West End Mamas/ Bloor West/ 416-960-5656

Myofascial Release:

Jean Brown, PT RMT  / The Junction, Toronto / 416-953-1096

Naturopathic Doctors:

Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND / The Centre for Health and Well Being / 416-604-8240

Dr. Marnie LaPlante, ND / The Loft Pilates – Junction / 416-838-3566


Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND  / The Centre for Health and Well Being / 416-604-8240

Dr. Frank Cuillini, BSc DC / Junction Chiropractic / Toronto / 416-763-0007

West End Mamas/ Pre-Natal and Post Partum /  416-960-5656

Birth Doula:

Lisa Caron, Birth and Post-Partum doula, Hypnobirthing / Toronto / 416-489-4990

Toronto and North York: West End Mamas

Newmarket/Barrie/Toronto:  Kynsi Horton, RMT, doula / 905-716-5967

Post-partum Doula and Breastfeeding Support:

Lisa Caron, Birth and Post-Partum doula, Hypnobirthing / Toronto / 416-489-4990

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