Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist

Referral Links

As a health care practitioner dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health, Tanya often refers to other reputable practitioners to complement your treatment with her.


Meagan Mooney, RMT shares my office with me and is my first choice for referral / Book on-line

Accessible Clinics in the area: (our office has stairs so is not wheelchair accessible)

The Calm on Dundas / full service clinic with a group of  skilled RMT’s / (647) 932-2561 or Book on-line

Antidote Wellness Lab / great group of experienced RMT’s / Keele & Dundas / Book on-line

Sports Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation, Postural Assessment/Correction:

Andrew Clapperton, RMT  / The Loft Pilates – Junction / Toronto / 416-763-0007  Andrew is extremely skilled and experienced (and teaches in the Humber College RMT program) and is the RMT I recommend if you’re seeking assessment and/or treatment for a specific injury or musculoskeletal condition.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage Therapy:

Pre-natal/Post-Partum Housecalls: Exhale Massage Therapy, Melissa Lesic, RMT. Yes, a skilled and compassionate RMT who comes to your home for your treatment! 416-909-9445

For anyone who is pregnant or post-partum Oona (formerly West End Mamas) s a great choice for specialists in the field.  You’ll be in great hands with any of the RMT’s there (I am the RMT trainer for this clinic) and it’s a full-service, multi-disciplinary practice.

Krista Young is an experienced and skilled RMT who is  passionate about pregnancy and post-partum treatments, as she is a Mom herself. Her beautiful home-based, private clinic, Railpath Massage Therapy is located in the West End (Junction Triangle) and is a welcoming and healing space.

Pilates: (specializing in postural realignment and core stability)

Riikka Wilson Movement/ Virtual / movement coach specializing in pelvic health, core stability and postural rehabilitation. Virtual – small classes and private sessions.

Restorative Yoga and Yoga For Round Bodies classes (also retreats and private yoga instruction):

Tiina Veer / The Annex, Toronto / 416-471-1334


Stacey Hauserman, RMT DOMP / Bloor and Dufferin / 416-839-4652

Stacey is a very skilled and experienced RMT and Osteopath providing comprehensive care for all ages and stages. She is a trusted friend and colleague who I refer to often for deeper alignment issues than massage therapy alone can treat.


Adelaide West Physiotherapy  / downtown Toronto / 416-597-8345

Synergy Physiotherapy/ Junction Triangle / 416-703-3525

Pelvic Floor Physio: Fraser Pelvic Health, Michelle Fraser, PT / Bloor and Dufferin 416.434.9087 / Michelle has vast experience in the field and is a long-standing trusted referral of mine.

Myofascial Release:

Jean Brown, PT, RMT  / The Junction, Toronto / 416-953-1096

Naturopathic Doctors:

Dr. Alexia Georgousis, ND / Book 15 min Discovery Session on-line

Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND / The Centre for Health and Well Being / 416-604-8240

Prenatal/Post-Partum: Oona (formerly West End Mamas / group of skilled pelvic physios / Queensway (Etobicoke)


Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND / The Centre for Health and Well Being / 416-604-8240

Dr. Frank Cuillini, BSc DC / Junction Chiropractic / Toronto / 416-763-0007

Oona (formerly West End Mamas)/ Pre-Natal and Post Partum /  416-960-5656

Birth Doula:

Lisa Caron, Birth and Post-Partum doula, Hypnobirthing / Toronto / 416-489-4990

Toronto and North York:  Oona (formerly West End Mamas)

Newmarket/Barrie/Toronto:  Kynsi Horton, RMT, doula / 905-716-5967

Post-partum Doula and Breastfeeding Support:

Lisa Caron, Birth and Post-Partum doula, Hypnobirthing / Toronto / 416-489-4990

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