Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist, Birth Coach & Doula

Labour Support Consultation

Labour support for mom and dadBetter Birthing:  Labour Support Consultation

This is a 1.5 hour pregnancy massage, where your partner is present in the appointment.  I will review the physiological process of birth, discuss your body’s natural mechanisms for birthing, and give many practical tips and hands on instruction for your partner to best support you during labour and delivery of your baby.  As this is in the context of a massage therapy treatment, it will be billed as such and therefore may be covered on your extended health benefits plan.

This consultation has great benefits for first-time parents, and is also a great “brush-up” for parents who have done this before.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs and will be individualized based on your past experiences.

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Tanya offers many workshops to help families have better birthing experiences.

To book a Labour Support Consultation in my office, Schedule an Appointment 

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