Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist

Better Birthing Consultation

Labour support for mom and dadBetter Birthing:  Labour Support Consultation

In this customized teaching session, Tanya will review the physiological process of labour and delivery, discuss your body’s natural mechanisms for birthing, and give many practical tips, tools and hands-on instruction for your partner to best support you during the birth of your baby.  However that process unfolds, you will be prepared with a basic understanding of how the nervous system and body operate, how to best support the process and how to manage interventions if they are needed. This evidence-based lesson is extremely valuable in preparation for childbirth. With 20+ years working as a birth doula and a massage therapist Tanya is able to give you specific instruction as well as examples and experience-based information. As a trauma-informed practitioner, she brings a non-judgmental and supportive approach to teaching and treatment. 

In-Person: This is a 1.5 hour massage treatment, with your partner present at the appointment. As this is in the context of a massage therapy treatment, it should be covered by your extended health benefits plan. Currently only available to existing patients. 

On-Line/Virtual Better Birthing Consultations are now available!  If you’re an existing client you’ll be able to book on-line  and if not, you can still register there on the wait list to show interest and I will enable on-line booking for you, or you can Email or text me your contact information and a request to book. Labour Support Instruction is in my scope of practice as an RMT in Ontario, so depending on your insurance provider’s policies for tele-health it may be covered on your plan – call them to inquire. 

This consultation has great benefits for first-time parents, and is also an excellent “brush-up” for parents who have done this before.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs and will be individualized based on your past experiences.

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“Experiencing sciatica and round ligament pain brought me in to see Tanya for massage and she provided me with great relief both physically and emotionally. She gave practical tips on how to prepare and cope during labour, and instructed my husband on pain management and support techniques that we both used effectively during labour. She has a joyous spirit and kindhearted nature that made me feel comfortable during such a vulnerable time. I am so thankful I had the guidance and support of Tanya throughout my pregnancy journey” – SB

“This Better Birthing Consultation was the most valuable childbirth preparation education we received! As much as the pre-natal classes prepare you in theory for the process, this filled in the blank about “what do I do to cope” and for my partner “what can I actually do to help”. Understanding the body’s natural mechanisms for birthing and how the brain is operating in survival mode made a huge difference for us. There is even a formula to help your partner to easily remember what to do in the contraction phase and in between to really help your body birth efficiently and reserve energy. We used so many of the tips, tools and techniques Tanya taught us, including how to problem-solve when things didn’t go exactly as we’d planned. We are so grateful for her support, enthusiasm and knowledge and how comfortable and confident she made us both feel”. -NK

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