Tanya Meyers

Registered Massage Therapist, Birth Coach & Doula

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful state of health, where many changes occur in your body.Toronto prenatal massage

Prenatal massage therapy can provide support for your changing posture by improving alignment, decreases muscle imbalances, help to regulate fluid balance and provide time for you to relax and process all of the changes occurring in your body and your life.
Some of the benefits of pregnancy massage are:

  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation
  • Relief of muscular tension and spasms (in particular in the hips, legs, back and neck)
  • Reduction of stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Assistance in pain relief for any sciatic pain that may arise during pregnancy
  • Reduced swelling in hands and feet
  • May reduce frequency and duration of headaches, backache, and muscle strain
  • Improved energy levels and reduced fatigue
  • Maintenance/awareness of good posture

As an instructor at the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy, Tanya supervises the Sutherland-Chan school specialty clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital in treating high-risk pregnancies. Tanya  has specialized training and over 20 years experience in pregnancy massage,  labour/birth support, post-partum massage and infant massage instruction.

To book a prenatal massage, Schedule an Appointment Or call 416-420-5457 / email tanya.meyers@rogers.com.


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